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stolenegg is a different kind of consultancy.

About us:

The stolenegg philosophy is the marriage of technical expertise and creative flair.

Ask most 'web designers' about SEO or content accessibility and you'll most likely be met with a blank stare. Similarly, most programmers couldn't tell you the first thing about layout, typography or colour theory.

Whilst our background is in commercial software engineering and database development, our passion is for good design, which means you get the best of both worlds, whatever your project involves.

Who are we?


Daniel Eggleston

stolenegg's founder and Director graduated with an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Leeds in 2000. Since then he has specialised in web application development for some of the UK's leading IT security, telecoms and media companies, focusing on web standards and user interface design. He has also been designing graphics and layouts for print and online for many years.


We currently partner with a number of talented consultants and freelancers. Through our network of industry contacts, we can also provide additional services from web hosting, pre-press/printing, right through to network design and installation, offering complete solutions to businesses across the UK.

The Name:

Why 'stolenegg'? We get asked that a lot.

No, it's not intended to be some trendy, off-the-wall Web 2.0 name, it's just an anagram of... well, we'll let you work that bit out.